Gearo Launches Rent-to-Buy Program for Outdoor Retailers

[Denver, CO, June 9] Gearo; a Denver-based outdoor gear marketplace soft-launches rent-to-buy program for outdoor retailers to simplify the customer conversion process.


Every retailer with rentals has been there – you’ve just finished setting up a customer for a great weekend escape, equipping them from your rentals fleet while talking about the local getaways and favorite trails. On Monday morning they return their rental, covered in mud and good times, muttering how fun it was to explore your area while scrolling on their phone to see what, exactly, it would take to have that sweet setup come live in their garage for future adventures.


On June 9th, Gearo officially launches options to either rent or purchase inventory to their 20+ cities and 150+ shops. With this new marketplace expansion, Gearo hopes to optimize the relationship between retailers and their consumers, converting one-time users to proud owners of a new or used piece of gear.


Shops like Backcountry Experience in Durango, CO and Confluence Kayaks in Denver, CO are already onboard and offering their rentals and demos for sale. Gearo hopes to capitalize on offering in-season demos for customers looking to try out new gear while helping retailers offload past-season models from their rentals inventory. 


“The goal for the rent-to-buy program is to make the entire process easier for both the consumer and retailer. Not only do we want the marketplace to become a key resource for consumers looking to rent or demo, but we also want to allow retailers to utilize this for their new and used gear to increase online and in-store traffic. This is yet another avenue to get retailers out in front of potential new customers and help equip them for their next outdoor experience.”  – Justine Barone, CEO


Gearo is an online outdoor gear marketplace that seeks to consolidate all types of outdoor gear rentals onto one convenient platform. Gearo will launch the rent-to-buy program to the public on August 1st.


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