Backcountry Experience

We are so grateful to Ben, Brandon and the rest of the team at Outdoor Experience for creating this video for us.

Case Studies

“It’s awesome!”

The Gearo platform is easy and convenient to use. Customers are able to reserve their products online, pay for it online, and drop in the store to pick their items up. Our team has their gear ready to go when they arrive, and they’re out the door. Easy! It’s awesome.

Ben Rockis

Owner at Backcountry Experience

“Why didn’t we do this earlier!”

I just want to say how awesome the customer service is. Initial set-up was extremely smooth. It’s an easy platform to use, convenient and intuitive. This has made our rentals so much easier to deal with, I can’t explain why we didn’t do this earlier!

Blaine Rainey

Manager of Bicycle Outfitters

“Increase Productivity!”

Gearo has helped us increase productivity on the sales floor by simplifying the rental process on the front and back end. We have increased our efficiency with Gearo’s ability to collect customer heights and weights ahead of time so we can setup the gear before the customers arrive.

Caitlin Standifer

Manager at Colorado Multisport

Darcy Starrett, Owner at Maine Camping Gear Rentals

‘’An Easy Platform for their Customers to Book Rentals on’’

Gearo and Maine Camping Gear Rentals created a mutually beneficial partnership to enable online camping packages in a scalable way. Gearo’s model allows them to maintain a low-tech website while having access to a high-tech platform. Gearo has saved Maine Camping Gear Rentals a significant amount of time with their booking engine. With the calendar and orders view they are able to manage their customers in a fast and efficient way. They think Gearo has awesome customer service and an easy platform for their customers to book rentals on.