Maine Camping Gear Rentals


  • Maine Camping Gear Rentals is located in Portland Maine
  • They are an outdoor camping gear startup that opened in 2017
  • They have several camping rental packages that they promote online
  • Without an booking platform they would not have a way to process rental orders, killing their business


  • Maine Camping Gear Rentals was searching for an effective booking platform with more stability
  • Developing an internal system to manage their rentals was out of their budget
  • They wanted a platform that would integrate with their website and would be easy to manage


  • Gearo and Maine Camping Gear Rentals created a mutually beneficial partnership
  • Gearo enables online camping packages in a scalable way
  • Gearo’s model allows them to maintain a low-tech website while having access to a high-tech platform
  • Gearo has saved Maine Camping Gear Rentals a significant amount of time with their booking engine
  • With the calendar and orders view they are able to manage their customers in a fast and efficient way
  • They think Gearo has awesome customer service and an easy platform for their customers to book

Quick, fast, effective and excellent customer service. - Darcy, Maine Camping Gear Rentals