About Us

Committed to our retailers

Focused on Helping Outdoor Retailers Thrive

Our Approach


We believe in preserving the existing outdoor ecosystem. This starts with the brick and mortar retailers and empowering them with the tools they need to be accessible to modern-day consumers.


We provide a user-friendly platform that helps our retailers automate their inventory and make their gear accessible online to customers.


We have built Gearo Automator with our outdoor retailer community. It is unique and has specific outdoor gear functionality so our retailers can enhance their customers’ experiences.



Our Story


After spending hours online looking for outdoor gear rentals, [Founder and CEO] Justine knew there had to be an easier way to find the right gear for her adventure. After talking to retailers and recognizing that they didn’t have affordable options with great functionality to manage their rentals; Gearo was born.


The Gearo marketplace promotes our retailers so they can get in front of customers like Justine and drive more foot traffic into their shops. Even better, retailers can also use Gearo Automator to automate their inventory while creating more accessible booking options for customers.


Mission Statement


The simple and most important thing to us is that we are enriching the businesses in our network and empowering them with the tools they need to compete with the e-commerce giants of the world.




Our team works every day to simplify the gear booking process for retailers. We take pride in our platform, and prioritize providing the best possible experience to our retailers. We are always collaborating with our retailers to build new tools along the way.

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