Enhancing the customer experience.

Every minute counts when resources are limited.

Running an outdoor store is exciting and rewarding, however, it can also be overwhelming at times. Have you ever had a line of customers in the store waiting for gear? Or customers checking out the gear in-store and then going online to purchase it somewhere else for less? That’s why we are here.


We are optimizing the entire lifecycle of your gear so customers can easily rent and purchase it from you. Not only that; you will gain incredible metrics to make better buying decisions in the future, saving thousands of dollars.

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Specifically for outdoor retailers

All of our functionality was built with our outdoor retailer community.

Our goal is to empower our retailers with tools that help drive more foot traffic to the store, while enhancing their customer’s experiences. We have incredible functionality that is only available in Gearo and has been designed and tested by our retailers. Gearo started as a booking platform and is now a retail / e-commerce platform as well.

Rental and Sales Inventory Management

Real-time rental calendars

Website Integration

Return On Investment Reports

Barcoding and Scanning

Customer Relationship Management


Moving from Manual Processes.

Helping outdoor retailers automate their processes

Features Regular
View gear availability in real-time
View best rentals vs. worst
Link products to social media
Unlimited landing pages
Create Coupons for Discounts

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